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St John’s Church, Belmont

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Children at St John’s Church

It is often said that ‘Children are the church of tomorrow’.

Here at St John’s we believe that children are the church of today as well!

We welcome children to all our services.

The main Sunday service is at 9,30 am.

Every first Sunday in the month is a special All-Age Family Service. This lasts for less than an hour, and is more appropriate for children and young people. There is more involvement in the service. About half of these services are Parade Services, attended by the uniformed organisations.

On the other Sundays we have a crèche for the very young and Sunday School from the age of 3 up.

Since Christmas 2010, we have admitted Children to Communion, and now offer Communion to all children who have attended a preparation course with their parents, or visitors who would normally receive at their own church.

Other events that might be of interest are:

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