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St John’s Church, Belmont

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Communion for Children & Confirmation

Since Christmas 2010, St John’s has admitted baptised children to Communion before they have been confirmed, in accordance with the regulations of the Church of England. This is also in line with the Methodist Church, which welcomes to Communion all baptised members who love the Lord, and are in good standing with their church.

After a period of preparation for the children and their parents, the children are duly registered and receive a certificate and card which will allow them to take communion at any church.

The theology behind this practice is that, once baptised, we are all members of the body of Christ, that is the family of the church. Communion is the church’s ‘family meal’, and as such it is inappropriate to exclude any member of that family.

It is to be noted that there is nothing in the liturgy (or theology) of Confirmation which refers to receiving Communion. Rather confirmation is in effect two-fold:

For further information, or to discuss these issues, please contact the vicar, or the Church Office.