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St John’s Church, Belmont

A Church of England & Methodist Church

The ‘Flower Bunch’ produces interesting arrangements of good quality week after week to enhance the beauty and welcome of the church. For major festivals, sometimes at least 25 arrangements are required. They would welcome anyone to join them who has a reasonable proficiency in arranging, or who would be happy to learn with advice from the more experienced members. It is of course open to men, as well as women!

They also provide a professional service at extremely low cost for weddings and other special occasions.

Flower Ministry

It is a Methodist tradition to give away on a Monday some of the flowers which have beautified the church on the Sunday. St John’s continues this tradition with the gift of a flowering plant. Individuals support this ministry either financially or by taking the plant to someone - perhaps who is ill, or who is celebrating a special event - with love and friendship from all at St John’s.

St John’s ‘Flower Bunch’

St John’s is very grateful for the support and excellent service provided by London & Belcher florists in Station Road, Belmont.