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St John’s Church, Belmont

A Church of England & Methodist Church

St John’s Mothers' Union (MU) is the local branch of an international Christian charity that seeks to support families worldwide. Its vision is to bring about a world where God's love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships - a goal it actively pursues through prayer, programmes, policy work and community relationships. By supporting marriage and family life, especially through times of adversity, it tackles the most urgent needs challenging relationships and communities. The MU lobbies local and national governments on issues affecting family life and campaigns to challenge legislation that neglects the vulnerable and marginalised - a recent example being the ‘Buy Bye Childhood’ campaign. It is also represented at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Our members are not all mothers, or even all women - men are welcome too!

St John’s Branch has 43 members. We meet on the 4th Wednesday of most months, at 2.30pm during the Winter months and 7.45pm during BST. All visitors are warmly welcomed, and membership is open to anyone who has been baptised and embraces the Mothers’ Union aims and objects. Speakers have talked about a wide range of topics - recent speakers have included a London ‘cabbie’, the Borough Police Commander and a family history expert.

We also take part in the Wave of Prayer in August when we always quietly focus on the needs of our linked dioceses across the world.

As part of our Deanery outreach we supplied toiletries for use in St. Helier Hospital when patients are admitted from either A&E or Outpatient Departments.

Some members listen to children reading in both the Avenue School and St. Dunstan’s School - an invaluable help with literacy.

Toys were sent to the local prisons in December for prisoners’ families, and 24 Christmas cards contributed by members were sent to PACT (Prisons Advice and Care Trust) for distribution.